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FBAR Filing Requirements: What You Need to Know

Do you have to file an FBAR? I breakdown the requirements here for you...

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The Most Beneficial Tax Updates For U.S. Expats Coming in 2024

These changes can have a significant impact on your financial strategies, presenting both challenges and opportunities...

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What is the Child tax Credit?

Here are the key points to understand about the Child Tax Credit....

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What is The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?

This method allows American Expats to exclude more than $100,000 of income from being taxed in the US

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Student Loan Payments for American Expats Explained: How to Lower Your Student Loan Payments from Abroad!

Guidance for U.S. expatriates and how they can use the FEIE method to reduce their student loan payments and ease their financial burden while living abroad.

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Understanding 529 College Savings Plans: Tax Deductibility and Implications for U.S. Expats

Are 529 contributions tax-deductible, and how do the rules apply to U.S. expats?...

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A Guide to Filing U.S. Taxes for Expats: From Noncompliance to Peace of Mind

Step-by-step guide to help you become compliant with U.S. tax laws and gain peace of mind regarding your tax obligations...

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Late with your U.S. Expat return? These are the consequences and your options

Filing taxes as an expat can be specially complex, and if you miss the deadline, it can lead to various unique and hefty consequences, but you have options...

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Paying Taxes When You Work Abroad

A breakdown of the minimum thresholds for filing taxes while you are working abroad

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Reporting Your Foreign Trusts and Gifts: Everything You Need to Know About Form 3520

This form is used to report transactions with foreign trusts and the receipt of substantial foreign gifts or inheritances...

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Unlocking Business Opportunities: Puerto Rico Tax Incentives in 2023

Discover the lucrative tax incentives Puerto Rico has to offer in 2023, including a 4% corporate tax rate, 100% exemptions on dividends and capital gains, and more

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Lowering Your Taxes Under Puerto Rico ACT 22

Puerto Rico Law 22 is a tax incentive for business owners and individual investors...

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What is a a Qualified Joint Venture?

A qualified joint venture is a specific type of business arrangement...

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Tax Benefits Provided by the Puerto Rico Tax Laws for Remote Workers

In this post, we'll explore the new tax benefits available in Puerto Rico, including tax incentives for individuals and businesses, as well as the requirements for taking advantage of these incentives.

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Countries that Offer Digital Nomad Visas

A comprehensive list of Visa-Issuing Countries for Digital Nomads...

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Working Remotely from Puerto Rico: How Puerto Rico's Tax Law Allows Remote Workers to Work from Paradise

This new legal provision allows non-Puerto Rico-based companies to employ workers even if or when they work remotely from Puerto Rico...

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How Are Retirement Plans Taxed in Puerto Rico?

While it is separate from the US IRA system, Puerto Rico has its own IRA system that offers both standard and Roth plans...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Qualifying for Puerto Rico's Act 60 Export Services Tax Incentives

Understand the ways in which businesses that are now contemplating a transfer to Puerto Rico might profit and benefit from doing so...

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Federal Tax Brackets and Tax Rates for 2022 and 2023

There are seven income tax brackets at the federal level. What are they, how do they work, and how do they affect you...

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5 Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill in 2023

The new year is here and with it come many easy legal things you can do to pay less in taxes...

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Everything US Citizens need to know about the Digital Nomad Visa Spain will launch in 2023

Spain intends to issue its Digital Nomad visa to foreign remote workers in January 2023...

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How American Expats Can Vote in US Elections from Abroad

US citizens residing abroad have the exact same right to vote in federal elections as US citizens living within the nation...

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How do you know if you should register an LLC?

Pros and Cons that you can use as a guide to know whether an LLC is the right business entity for you.

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Everything You Need to Know About Gross Income

Here I explain what a gross income means and how it relates to taxes

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How to Become a Bona Fide Resident of Puerto Rico

Learn more about the requirements of becoming a bonafide resident of Puerto Rico and how to satisfy the residency tests

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Tax Tips for Self-Employed Persons

My tax tips for those of you that are your own boss!

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Puerto Rico Tax Benefits and Cultural Richness

Puerto Rico tax benefits and more: Brief overview of appealing tax incentives and a description of some of the beautiful cultural traditions of Puerto Rico

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Tax Benefits of Investing in an Opportunity Zone

Learn what an Opportunity Zone is, how to get the most out of your capital profits, and what type of investment activities are eligible

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How can your Business Qualify for S Corporation Status

Look into what an S corporation is and how to qualify for the status

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The Advanced Child Tax Credit for American Expats

Millions of American families have received monthly advance Child Tax Credit payments...

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Step by Step Guide of U.S. Citizenship Renunciation

Answering all your questions about the US Citizenship Renunciation process, including exit tax, and how to stop being subject to US taxation from abroad...

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How are Roth IRA withdrawals taxed in Puerto Rico?

A guide on how Puerto Rico honors Roth IRA tax free withdrawals...

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How is self-employment income taxed for American Expats?

A self-employed expat or digital nomad will basically be subject to two forms of US taxation...

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All you need to know about Form 5471

U.S. citizens and residents who own foreign companies: You must know about this form and understand its requirements

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Gross Income vs. Net Income

What are the main differences between Gross Income and Net Income

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What is Adjusted Gross Income

In this short blog post I explain to you what is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)...

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5 Tips to Help File Your Tax Return as an American Expat

Follow these tips to make things a little easier for your tax return as an expat...

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What is the Foreign Tax Credit?

The Foreign Tax Credit is the primary provision that allows US citizens living abroad to avoid double taxation...

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What is Gross Income?

Learn about gross income and how it works...

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Do You Have to Report Crypto Currencies on FBARs?

Investments in virtual currencies have become more popular, and now investors are dealing with the tax compliance aspects of this new type of investment...

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Tax Implications of Remote Work Arrangements in Puerto Rico

The most relevant tax considerations of a temporary or permanent transition to remote work from Puerto Rico...

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How the Rich Save on Taxes

Learn the Top 5 Strategies Successful People Use to Pay Less Taxes

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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion impact on your Student Loan Repayment

Understand how the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion might be a beneficial option for you as a U.S. expats who has student loans...

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What is FATCA?

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) forms an essential part of the U.S. efforts to combat tax evasion by U.S. persons ...

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Understanding Gift Taxes

Will I be taxed on the money or asset I receive as a gift? Will I be taxed for giving money or assets?

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Filing Past Due Tax Returns

Why and when should you file your tax return once the deadline has passed...

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Filing a Tax Return After Using the Non-Filers Tool

If you sent the IRS your bank information using the Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here and now need to file a 2019 tax return, you must amend your submission.

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Q&A: All your questions answered about the stimulus payments

On this post you will get answers to the most asked questions about the stimulus payments to understand if you will receive or should have received any of these payments, guide you on what you should do to receive the funding you are eligible for.

5 min
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What You Want to Know About All the COVID-19 Stimulus Payments

This blog post will help you understand if you will receive or should have received any of the stimulus payments, and provide guidance on what you should do to receive the payments you are eligible for.

9 min
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Are Non U.S. Citizens Eligible for the Stimulus Payments?

Get to know everything about your eligibility to receive the Stimulus Checks based on your Immigration status in the U.S.

4 min
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Claiming a Dependent on your Tax Return as an Unmarried Couple

Things can get a bit more complicated when both you and your partner have similar roles on your dependent's life and support and you're not filing a joint return as a married couple... Learn your options!

2 min
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The IRS is done sending stimulus checks- Here's what you should do to get your money if you were eligible but missed out.

The IRS said that it has issued all Economic Impact Payments for now, so if you were eligible but missed out on getting your payments: Read this post to know what you should do to claim them...

3 min
Do you have to file taxes from abroad this year in the U.S.?

Quickly learn through this post what are the tax filing thresholds for the 2020 tax year, and check whether you have to file U.S. taxes based on your worldwide income and filing status...

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Easy Ways to Contact the IRS

How can you speak with a live person at the IRS? In this blog post I share 5 easy ways to get in contact with the IRS

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2021 Tax Season Starts February 12: Here’s what to expect.

This is a late start to the tax season, and with stimulus payments that still need to be issued, and 2019 returns not yet processed, I want you to be ready to get bigger and quicker tax refunds this season...

6 min
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Claiming your Charity Tax Donations for Tax Year 2020

Donations are oftentimes tax deductible and I want to explain to you briefly how you can get the most taxes benefits for the donations you make...

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What reliefs are in the Second Stimulus Package?

Here's a list of the key provisions of the new stimulus package...

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Everything you need to know about the SECOND Stimulus Payment

Congressional leaders on Sunday reached a deal on a $900 billion COVID-19 economic relief package. Here’s everything you need to know...

3 min
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Will American Expats living abroad qualify for the new stimulus check?

If you're an American living oversees, you need to comply with these simple requirements to get your stimulus payment...

2 min
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Legal Travel Tips for the Holidays

If you have made the decision to travel for the holidays make sure you follow these tips and prepare to travel legally covered...

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Yearly Tax Due Dates for American Expats

As an American living abroad, there may be more forms to file and more dates to remember than your tax teturn due date. To make sure you're right on track with your tax filing duties, be sure to add these US expat tax deadlines to your calendar every year!

6 min
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All you need to know about ITIN -Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

Non-U.S. citizens who don’t qualify for a SSN, can use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to file their tax returns...

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What is the Standard Deduction?

The amount of your standard deduction is based on three main factors...

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Limits to the Standard Deduction

Not all taxpayers qualify for the standard deduction...

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Standard Deduction vs. Itemized Deductions

In order to deduct the amount of income that will be subject to U.S. taxes, you are allowed to select one of two types of deductions...

2 min
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What happens if You Do Not Pay Your U.S. Taxes While Living Abroad

If you don't live in the United States, why do you have to file taxes there? There are two main reasons...

1 min
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Filing Taxes as an American Citizen Married to a Non- U.S.Citizen

When filing your U.S. taxes, you may be asking yourself: If my spouse doesn't have a Social Security Number, what should we do?...

1 min
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How to Know if You Need to Hire a Tax Attorney

If any of these situations sound like yours, it is best to immediately contact a tax attorney...

3 min
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Countries Where Americans Can Travel To Right Now

Some countries around the world are starting to welcome tourists back, Americans included...

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The European Union Officially Blocks U.S. Travelers Entry when Borders Reopen on July 1st

The member states of the European Union had drafted two lists: one for the countries that will be allowed to enter, and one for those that will not be allowed to enter...

2 min
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All You Need to Know About the Suspension of Workers' Visas in the United States

The Trump Administration is attempting to reform the immigration system to what they have called a Merit- Based Immigration System...

3 min
Letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
USCIS Reopens & Restores Services

Some local Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) offices have reopened and restored some services to the public...

2 min
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U.S. Supreme Court Defeats Trump's Attempt to End DACA - This is its Trajectory

In September 2017 President Trump announced that under his administration he would terminate DACA, leaving something close to a million recipients of the program unprotected and vulnerable under the law...

8 min
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Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status

The I-20 Form is a mandatory document when applying for the F-1 and M-1 visas...

2 min
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Travel Restrictions in the U.S. and your Immigration Rights

All you need to know about the immigration and travel restrictions that have been imposed due to Covid-19 in the United States and your solutions to avoid accumulating illegal presence...

4 min
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United States' borders with Mexico and Canada to remain closed

United States' borders with Mexico and Canada will remain closed until further notice for non-essential travel...

2 min
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Facts About Immigration in the United States

5 things you probably didn't know about immigration in the United States...

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Travel Permit Extensions in the U.S.

The method you will be able to use to extend your stay, will depend...

4 min
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