Woman wearing a red holiday hat and a mask with holiday lights on the background
Alexandra Sabalier
December 21, 2020
2 min

Legal Travel Tips for the Holidays

As the holidays as approaching this year, many are still debating on whether or not they should travel either for vacation or family purposes. Although, most countries have advised against traveling for pleasure, this year has been quite difficult for many, and the thought of not being able to travel during the holidays may be something that some are not willing to concede. This is why I consider it necessary to share some valuable legal tips on some of the steps you should not miss, if you don't want to miss your trip!

Read your Country’s Travel Advisory Guide

Make sure you follow the guidelines, and understand the restrictions and measures that are in place in the country you will be visiting. You may have to adjust to stricter rules once you arrive to your country of destination, and you want to consider this before traveling so that once you reach your point of destination you are not surprised, unprepared, or disappointed.

Purchase a Travel Health Insurance

This one i a MUST. Many countries are advising their residents not to travel away, so if you decide to do so- you want to be covered on your own! When purchasing a private travel health insurance, you want to make sure that it covers COVID-19 related treatments and other health related complications during your trip. Hopefully you don’t ever need to use this, but it’s highly recommended that you have it with you and carry your health insurance card at all times so that you travel safely.

Get Tested

Find a clinic that is conducting tests and will be able to give you the results on time for your trip. You don’t want to travel if you are suffering from COVID-19, or any other health complication, and potentially spread it to fellow travelers, or family members that you might be visiting 

Register your Personal and Travel Details at the Embassy of your Country 

This is an important step that many travelers straight up skip. However, registering at the embassy will give your government an idea of where you will be and how to best reach for you in case of an emergency. This serves YOU more than anyone because you want your government to take care of you and help you get out of any situation that might come up during your trip, and registering beforehand gives them the resources and information they need to do this for you should you ever need them.

Bring All Pertinent Documents

Another MUST. Because of all the travel restrictions in place, you might need to prove you’re allowed to enter the country you’ll be visiting so it is essential that you bring all the necessary documents to show them at any point during your travel time, at the airport, to government or custom agent, and the like. You want to make sure you bring with you: your Passport, Marriage Certificate, Qualified Visa, etc. Anything that serves this purpose and will allow you to demonstrate you are allowed to enter the country you will be visiting according to their legal and travel standards at the moment.

Don't forget Your Mask

Airlines, airports, train stations, and almost all common transportation methods have strict rules in place that require passengers to cover their mouth and nose with a medical mask. You want to make sure you don't forget you bring yours because you will most likely be prohibited from traveling without your mask. There may be exceptions that you may qualify for if you proof medical reason not to wear a mask. However, these exceptions are very much restricted and fellow passenger may not feel comfortable. Be flexible and understandable of the circumstances so that you have a pleasant trip and make it pleasant for others.

If you need more information on specific travel requirements from or for your destination, you may contact me for a consultation and a detailed explanation on the steps to follow so that you can travel legally covered and with as few inconveniences or legal restrictions as possible.

Happy Travels!

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