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Alexandra Sabalier
July 24, 2020
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Filing Taxes as an American Citizen Married to a Non- U.S.Citizen

When filing your U. S. taxes as an American citizen, you may not know how to add the information of your partner if they’re not a U.S. citizen like you.

You may be asking to yourself:

  • If my spouse doesn't have a Social Security Number, what should we do?
  • Do I still need to file jointly?
  • Does that mean they need an ITIN?

On this post I explain to you the options you have.

If you are married to a non-U.S. citizen or a GC holder, you can choose one from these two options:

1. Leave them off of your return

If you choose this option, your spouse will not be part of your tax return and you would be filing married filing separately. Thus, your spouse will not need an ITIN, and no information about them will be needed to be submitted on your tax return.

2. Add your NRA (nonresident alien) spouse to your return

If you choose to add your NRA spouse to your tax return, then they will need an ITIN. You can file for an ITIN with Form W-7. Having an ITIN for your spouse will allow you to e-file jointly in the future with your NRA spouse.

Either way you want to go, I can help you as I offer my legal services to guide you on which of the options is more beneficial for your tax return and will save you more money.

today for a legal consultation to advise you on the best possible solution for your situation.

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