Alexandra Sabalier
May 29, 2020
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United States' borders with Mexico and Canada to remain closed

The United States' borders with Mexico and Canada will remain closed until further notice for non-essential travel.

What is the purpose of this measure?

The purpose of closing the United States borders is to keep people from the countries involved safe, and to diminish the possibility of mass contagion from Covid-19 by decreasing the traffic and movement of people from one country to another.

Until when will the borders remain closed?

They will be closed until June 21 or until further notice. This measure will possibly be extended depending on the health situation of the countries.

What product can cross both borders?

Trade, commercial products.

Who will be favored by this?

Workers in the health area.

Who is affected?

Mainly tourists and asylum seekers, because there is no certain date for when they will be admitted to the United States.

What about asylum applications from people waiting outside the country?

People who are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed will be given a new date to present themselves to their audience.

Recommendations to immigrants and tourists who want to enter the United States

  1. Stand firm and wait for the entry processes to the United States to be accessible again. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you know that if an alien commits fraud to attempt to enter or enters the United States illegally, that person will be considered a priority to be expelled / deported from the United States.
  2. Stay informed with current information and trusted resources such as the Published News, Authorized Attorneys, and the White House official website
  3. Consult with your immigration attorney. If you do not have one, I can be easily contacted through, my email or through the social networks in which I am present as @sabalierlaw- on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , and Linkedin.

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