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Girl looking at the beach from a hill
Countries Where Americans Can Travel To Right Now

Some countries around the world are starting to welcome tourists back, Americans included...

3 min
Girl happily jumping in the middle of the street
The European Union Officially Blocks U.S. Travelers Entry when Borders Reopen on July 1st

The member states of the European Union had drafted two lists: one for the countries that will be allowed to enter, and one for those that will not be allowed to enter...

2 min
Stack of passports with a lock over them and a piece of paper with COVID-19 message
All You Need to Know About the Suspension of Workers' Visas in the United States

The Trump Administration is attempting to reform the immigration system to what they have called a Merit- Based Immigration System...

3 min
Letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
USCIS Reopens & Restores Services

Some local Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) offices have reopened and restored some services to the public...

2 min
Girl waving a United States flag
U.S. Supreme Court Defeats Trump's Attempt to End DACA - This is its Trajectory

In September 2017 President Trump announced that under his administration he would terminate DACA, leaving something close to a million recipients of the program unprotected and vulnerable under the law...

8 min
Person giving the passport to another person
Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status

The I-20 Form is a mandatory document when applying for the F-1 and M-1 visas...

2 min
Airplane flying over skyscrapers
Travel Restrictions in the U.S. and your Immigration Rights

All you need to know about the immigration and travel restrictions that have been imposed due to Covid-19 in the United States and your solutions to avoid accumulating illegal presence...

4 min
United States flag behind a fence
United States' borders with Mexico and Canada to remain closed

United States' borders with Mexico and Canada will remain closed until further notice for non-essential travel...

2 min
People protesting with banners and slogans supporting immigration
Facts About Immigration in the United States

5 things you probably didn't know about immigration in the United States...

1 min
Girl carrying a trolley in the airport
Travel Permit Extensions in the U.S.

The method you will be able to use to extend your stay, will depend...

4 min
Person holding and showing a United States passport
Student Visas to Study in the United States

Foreign citizens are not allowed to study for credit in the United States without a valid student visa, for this purpose it is important that you acquire the right student visa before you do anything else...

4 min
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