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Young female stundent traveller enjoying holidays in front of a historical university building. Image by <a href="">Freepik</a>
Student Loan Payments for American Expats Explained: How to Lower Your Student Loan Payments from Abroad!

Guidance for U.S. expatriates and how they can use the FEIE method to reduce their student loan payments and ease their financial burden while living abroad.

4 min
Photo of a hand putting money for savings in glass bottle for concept investment mutual fund finance and business, placed on textbooks. content money saving for ed<a href="">Image by jcomp</a> on Freepik
Understanding 529 College Savings Plans: Tax Deductibility and Implications for U.S. Expats

Are 529 contributions tax-deductible, and how do the rules apply to U.S. expats?...

3 min
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