Alexandra Sabalier
April 03, 2020
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Coronavirus Effects: CAN’T RETURN TO GERMANY?

You planned it all out, your trip abroad was set in motion and you had the visa and permits required to spend a few months on that much needed vacation. The problem? The coronavirus crisis has caught you abroad while flights have gotten cancelled, or travel bans have been imposed, and now your visa or travel permit will soon expire.

The truth is that the crisis created by the spread of the disease COVID-19 has caused difficulties at all levels, and you are not alone in this experience. This health crisis has limited the work extent of many immigration authorities, and this has resulted in some changes in the implementation of the Residence Act by the immigration authorities to ensure that procedural simplifications are introduced in the coming months.

With that being said, you can rest assured that regardless of the situation you find yourself in right now, in terms of visa permits due to the coronavirus travel restrictions, you may have a legal solution to extend your permit and stay legally in Germany.

If you're a foreigner with a German residence permit but now you can't return within the sixth month period pursuant to the Residence Act, you may be entitled to an extension of your permit.

If you’re a foreigner who has a current residence permit in Germany, but you traveled abroad and now due to a cancelled flight, travel ban or similar situation, cannot return to Germany within the six month period stipulated in Section 51 (1) No. 7 of the Residence Act, then you may be entitled to be granted an extension of the period of time required to return to Germany. This extension is granted upon request, and due to the current situation it may be requested and granted in unconventional administrative manners. For this procedure, please contact a qualified German attorney specialized in immigration because the results of your particular case may vary depending on your own set of circumstances.


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