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Federal Tax Return Preparation


All US citizens and Green Card holders must file an annual tax return reporting their worldwide income to the IRS in the United States, if they meet the minimum filing thresholds. But don't worry just yet! the best news for American Expats that are required to file their taxes is that in most instances they end up not having to pay any taxes to the IRS.

These benefits are exactly the reason why you should hire an expert firm who can assure to bring about the best results for your case by utilizing the tax deductions options that are available after carefully considering your circumstances. At Sabalier Law, Attorney Alexandra Sabalier offers an Initial Legal Consultation to CONFIDENTLY discuss your case protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege, and work on filing your taxes seeking to advocate for you and ensuring you receive the most generous exclusions and deductions.

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  • At Sabalier Law, you count with expert legal representation and guidance throughout your entire process as well as support afterwards
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