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As your expat tax lawyer I translate complicated tax matters into a language you can understand and I provide you a detailed explanation of the best solutions and strategies for you to legally lower your US taxes to the max.
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  • 100% Online and Safe
  • Personal Lawyer
  • Affordable
  • At Sabalier Law, you count with expert legal representation and guidance throughout your entire process as well as support afterwards
  • 100% online services using the latest in secure technology to effectively and successfully represent you and your case no matter where you reside in the world
  • Confidential communication, document review, and legal advise fully protected by the Attorney- Client privilege
  • Unlimited legal consultations via telephone, video-call, and e-mail
  • Fully Billingual communication, and legal services in English and Spanish
  • Expert legal preparation and expedited submission of your documents
  • Constant updates and communication with you on the status of your case, applications, and documents' reviews
  • Timely notification of changes in the laws and procedures that are relevant for your case
  • Attentive personal support throughout our entire Attorney- Client relationship
  • Guaranteed maximum secure electronic payment platforms to ensure smooth and easy payment methods anywhere you are located in the world
Clients Trust Me
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“Alexandra’s profound knowledge of corporate and tax matters is outstanding. What’s even more impressive, is her ability to explain such complex topics in a simplified...”
Viviana Currais
“Alexandra Sabalier is a gifted lawyer, very professional and incredibly dedicated to her clients. Highly recommend!”
LM Soto
“Alexandra is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! She answers questions in a clear way that makes sense even if you don't know a thing about taxes....”
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